About Us

Discover a world of unique travel experiences with our passionate team, crafting tailor made trips and itineraries for unforgettable, personalized adventures.

Hey! I'm Ivana, the Manager of Tailor Made Holidays.

We’ve grown rapidly and are on our way to being one of the world’s leading tailor made holiday companies

Our passion for travel and personalized journeys drives us to create experiences filled with endless possibilities and activities for all types of travelers.

Aerial view of Christ and Botafogo Bay from high angle.
Experience the lively spirit of Rio’s iconic cityscape

Our Global Expansion

After more than 10 years of crafting tailor made itineraries in Europe, expanding worldwide was a natural step. We now offer a broader range of holidays, from leisurely to adventurous, ensuring everyone can access our unique travel experiences.

Bagan at Sunset, Myanmar.
Witness breathtaking sunsets in Myanmar

Our Approach

Our team comprises enthusiastic individuals who are not just employees but avid travelers themselves. 

We specialize in bespoke holiday planning, constantly exploring new destinations and experiencing tailor made itineraries first-hand. 

Our goal? To help you have as much fun and witness as many wonders as we do.

We simplify travel by handling all logistics. From booking accommodations and providing detailed itineraries to offering GPS routes, we ensure a seamless experience. Our 24/7 support means we’re always there for you.

Luxury dinner beach view. Generate Ai
Indulge in an exquisite luxury dinner by the beach

Let us Craft Your Tailor Made Holiday

Dreaming of a tailor made trip that perfectly fits your style? We’re dedicated to turning those dreams into reality. 

With our bespoke holiday planner, every journey is a masterpiece crafted just for you. Don’t wait to explore the world on your terms – contact us today and start your personalized adventure.

Experience the world your way with tailormade travel worldwide, creating unique, unforgettable journeys that cater to your personal tastes and desires.
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